Why it's still so Sweet to be 16

9 April 2018

Do you remember being 16? I know I do! Sometimes it seems like yesterday …. and other days like a lifetime ago, especially now that my own children have long passed this milestone.

Being 16 can be so much fun! It's a time for making friends, trying new things, learning about yourself and getting ready to become an adult. It's also the most FUN time to come and get Photos taken.

Meet Dani! This year Dani is in Year 12 and will celebrate milestones like her school formal (which I will be capturing for her) and graduating High School. At the moment she is still Sweet 16…. with the world at her feet and so much to explore and learn. What a gift! When Dani turned 16 she came for a visit to the studio, where we captured some fun memories of her as she started her journey into young womanhood. For someone who said she wasn't 'girly' she sure had fun dressing up like one. Of course, she also delighted in showing her comfy self, in jeans with her favourite skate board. She giggled so much during her shoot …. so much so that we were both in stitches at times. Such a fun session for a teenager (and this very enthusiastic portrait photographer).

So, here is a little taste of what I created with Dani. Her own little collection to cherish and take with her into her adult life, as she creates even more memories and tells her very own story. It's an absolute HONOUR to be a part of this story telling. Some day Dani will, no doubt, share these images with her own children and then her grandchildren. Her 9-up frame (below) will hang on her wall for generations to come. To be a part of this is what I truly LOVE to do. Thank you Dani, for allowing me to be such a special part of your STORY.


This 9-up collection of images is printed at 16x20" (40x50cm) and framed for Dani to cherish for ever.


Want to know how to arrange a Sweet 16 Photo Shoot for yourself or someone you LOVE? Contact me TODAY and I will help make it happen for you.

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