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Why is your Business Profile Photo so important?

20 March 2017

Do you own a business? Have you ever wondered why there is so much hype about your Profile Photo these days?

Why is it so important to have the right images on your websites?

Meet Sandra …..

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Sandra's story is something I am very familiar with. She runs her own business but really disliked her Profile Photos.

Fortunately for Sandra, she understands the value of having the right set of images to represent her brand in business. Sandra has enlisted friends and family to take images for her Herbalife business …. until she finally realised she needed to enlist a professional. Enter Kerry.

From our first conversation it was clear that Sandra was after fresh images that showed who she really is to her potential clients. I booked Sandra in for a combined studio/location Business Branding Session (or Corporate Head Shots). With her business being about health and well being it seemed a perfect combination for her. What does she think of the results? She LOVES them!!! We shot these images just over a week ago and they are already being used online to improve the look of Sandra's online profile.

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So, why all the hype about online profile images these days?

Your Profile image, whether it's on your website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Google, etc, is the first thing potential clients see when they are looking online. These images are what will paint the very first opinion in the minds of those you wish to sell to: your POTENTIAL CLIENT. These images can MAKE or BREAK your first contact, often without you even having a chance to introduce yourself in the flesh. Consumers are spending more and more time searching for services online, either on their phones or desktops/tablets. Statistics show that many buyer decisions are being made by simply looking at your website/online profile. This online location is your first Store front and needs to be treated as such.

Imagine walking into a store. What makes you want to stay? What makes you want to buy? What makes you want to run back out the door and never look back?

If you walked into a new shopfront and saw that the staff were uncaring with their appearance would you be tempted to stay or walk away? If they don't care about their appearance, do they really care about you? Does their look fit with the kind of business you are seeking? If you think you might walk away, from actual people who are in front of you, imagine how much easier it is if you are online. You're completely undetected and anonymous…. so how much easier is it to simply click off the page? It's simple and consumers are doing it every single day.

Your Business Profile image is your chance to greet potential clients. It's your chance to say "Hello! How can I help you?" It's your opportunity to turn a potential client into a real client.

What does your Business Profile Image say about you? What do you wish it said?

If you feel that your business profile could use a lift contact Kerry TODAY. Together, let's capture the RIGHT images to help entice potential clients into becoming life long clients.

Take advantage of our current Corporate Head Shot Package. See our Offers tab for more details or click the link here.

Together, let's help push your business image into the current century with Clean, Well-lit, Professional images that truly represent who you are and what you do in the business world!

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