The two things you can do to protect your Phone Pics today!

23 April 2018


We all have them! Hundreds of photos sitting on our phones. Many of these photos represent those candid little moments that make our life story what it is… and all too often you hear of a friend or family member who has just 'LOST' all those photos and is completely distressed and desperate to get them back. You've probably all been there, right?

So, how do we avoid this? How do we stop these photos, and our life story, from disappearing into the nothing?

Today I am sharing with you my two FAVOURITE methods for making sure these images are protected.

#1 - Back them up!

It's easier than you think. No matter the brand of your phone there is always a way of backing up your images. If you're like me and own an iPhone it's as simple as backing them up to the cloud or to iTunes on a regular basis. Mine upload to my secure cloud weekly. Besides this, I regularly attach them to my computer and back up to our family photo hard drive. These images are just as important to me as those taken with my full camera and I want to make sure they are protected.

If you back up your phone and photos on a regular basis it's even easier when you decide to buy a new phone. You simply add them back to your new phone from your backup. So, if you lose your phone …. or have a darling child drop it in the loo for you (or accidentally delete photos from your albums), it's always handy to have a backup.

#2 - Print them!

This is even easier to back them up and is THE BEST way to ensure you have these memories for a life time. We have a saying in my home (and studio): "if it isn't PRINTED it doesn't really EXIST". History needs to be printed. What happens if you lose all access to your internet or computers one day? Printed photos are the only thing proven to survive for decades in a family's history.

Printing can be as easy as uploading or taking to your favourite labs or, like me, you could use Chatbooks. Chatbooks is a subscription based set up that prints little books (or bigger if you choose) every time you have 60 images ready. You can even set it up automatically to use certain photos (defined with Hashtags) from Facebook and Instagram. It's so easy! I have mine set up automatically from Instagram. Every time I upload a pic I want included I use the hashtag #findingmyhappy and Chatbooks automatically includes it in my next album. You can set up your own hashtag to do the same thing. All you do is tell Chatbooks (via the app settings) what your hashtag is and it will do the rest. I LOVE It!!!

So, what are you waiting for?

Start backing up those precious pics today! Will you be backing up to a computer, the cloud or some kind of printed photos, or all of the above?

Let's preserve your little piece of history and make sure that you leave a legacy for the next generations!

Want to know more about Chatbooks? Watch the video below. I warn you though …. this video is so very relatable. This add literally SOLD ME on Chatbooks for life!

Finally, I've dragged my video from last year out to share with you. Here I share my review on Chatbooks and show you what they look like. Enjoy!

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