Mr & Mrs Nelson

18 September 2014

For the sunshine state, we sure have had a lovely taste of rain lately.  Though Spring has now officially set in for the year, a few weeks ago it was not the case.  The morning of Mistie and Dean's Gold Coast wedding the skies were filled with grey clouds and the ground was being gracefully sprinkled from above.  They say that a little rain on your wedding day is a blessing …. but what if your wedding is set to take place on the beach?

Plan B:  take the beach inside.  Down the Aisle, the amazing company who created this beautiful event, and the surf club staff, were amazing!  They took the entire ceremony indoors to the North Burleigh Surf Club (the venue for Mr & Mrs Nelson's reception).  Inside what was normally quite an ordinary room entered an exquisite log arch.  Behind Mistie and Dean, as they said their vows, were the rolling waves of the gold coast.  Though the ceremony had to be indoors, it was absolutely beautiful.

Mistie and Dean are long standing clients of ours so I was honoured to be such a big part of their special day.  Seriously, do brides get any more classic and beautiful than this?  I shall let you be the judge as you enjoy the following images.

Mr & Mrs Nelson, congratulations!  I look forward to seeing your beautiful family grow xo

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