Across the miles

27 February 2017


Late last year I had the honour of working with little Mack and his grandparents again, for what has become their annual visit to see their bonny wee grandson. Mack's adorable grandparents live in one of my favourite places in this big world: Scotland.

Since little Mackenzie was born I have had the pleasure of seeing this lovely family three times now, with each visit showing me a very special story about the love between grandparents and grandchildren. Maybe it's the sentimental gal in me, who adores her own grandparents (though most are no longer with us).... maybe it's that these guys travel across the globe to enjoy some of our summer with their family in Australia. Whatever it is, I LOVE it!

This session was arranged by Mack's mum Laura, to celebrate the time that Mackenzie spends with his grandparents .... and to give them a very special gift. Come Christmas they had a beautiful keep-sake album waiting to be opened, sent around the world just for them.

I LOVE the gratitude that comes from this family. They embrace every moment they have together and express how thankful they are to me for capturing these little moments. For me, it is a prime example of why I do what I do. Family is EVERYTHING to me.... and memories are far too fleeting to not have them captured for all time by someone who truly cares about what they are providing for you. I truly am blessed.

So, enjoy this little preview of GRAND love: that special bond between grandparents and a grandchild. One of the biggest gifts of all time.... and the added love of a little boy who loves his Dinosaurs, an extra surprise for our photo shoot. It was so much fun to seen Mackenzie find his amazing Dinosaur gift hiding behind a tree. Thank you Laura and family, for making this such a beautiful session and for being part of my forever-clients family x


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