Hi from Kerry!

9 January 2017

Hi everyone!

Welcome to 2017 and a whole new year of blogging on my photography site.

As you may know, last year was a crazy one for me, with my health taking a serious decline and my blog, unfortunately, paying the price.

This year I am back, strong and fighting once more. I'm very positive that I will receive amazing news at my Oncology follow up in February and that I will continue to get every stronger and healthier as the year progresses. Right now, I feel AMAZING! It's so good to be back, doing what I love at full strength again. Thank you to everyone who has supported me along this crazy journey.

My first goal for 2017, aside from booking LOADS of beautiful photographic sessions - is to get this BLOG back in order. As I get back into the swing of things I aim to eventually blog twice a week again…. and I am so excited!

So, here's to an amazing 2017 for us all.

Thank you for sharing my amazing journey xo


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