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Meet adorable Baby Cooper

24 June 2014



Meet Cooper!  This super charming and happy baby boy came into the studio for his very first photo shoot…. 12 weeks old and oh, so amazing!


Cooper threw all of my plans out the window…. in the most perfect way.  As always, the studio was set up to accommodate those lovely laying down, sleepy looking, poses, as well as some more prop centred kind of scenarios.  In my experience, most 12 week olds are WIDE AWAKE for their sessions and I aim to have something ready for such shots.  This AMAZING baby boy did those gorgeous 'wide awake' shots and, just when I was ready to wrap up his session, he fell ASLEEP.  Wow!  

Thank you baby boy!  Of course, I was ready for this, set up wise…. just in case, but really didn't expect the pleasure of photographing this adorable little man in dream state.  He slept contentedly, just long enough to give his mum and I some amazing, goose bump, moments.  Lots of happy tears too!

Then, when he decided to open his eyes…. he gave me the biggest smile!  This next image was literally three clicks after he opened his eyes.  Gorgeous!!!

Thank you so much Lisa, for bringing your beautiful boy in to see me and for capturing some images of me at work in the studio.  It was wonderful to see you again yesterday for your viewing appointment.  I look forward to seeing more of your family in the very near future xo

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