Such an honour to work  with the beautiful Betts family this aft

Close to home

25 August 2017

Last month I caught up with Carmel, Craig and their amazing three kids: Shannon, Keegan and Lachlan. Matt and I have known this lovely family for many years. We first met Carmel way back when the planning for a local school (which was to become work for both her and Matt) was just a dream. They were on the steering committee which got the school up and happening, something the community seriously needed. Our kids were students at the school (until we moved to the UK for a couple of years) and they have many fond memories. For Zane, these memories include his friendship with Keegan. During my childcare days I also had the absolute honour of teaching young Lachlan .... so this family is very dear to us. It's funny how our worlds cross constantly with certain people in life. Such a nice feeling!

Carmel and I first started talking about doing these photos last year, so seeing it come to fruition is an absolute delight. The location she chose was close to their own home (and only a stone's throw from our old one) .... and it was PERFECT!

I am absolutely DELIGHTED to share some of their images with you. This collection is going to be enjoyed for generations to come, as Carmel has ordered a glorious collection of Canvas Prints for her walls. I look forward to seeing how they look mounted on the walls of their family home.

What a treasure!


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