Our Crazy Cat

10 July 2014

Many of you will recognise Zane… my eldest son and often-assistant in and out of the studio.

Besides being an invaluable assistant, and loving son, Zane has a passion for drama!  This year he had the opportunity to participate in a very special event.  Harvest Rain put on a massive production of Andrew Lloyd Webber's famous musical 'Cats', featuring many talented artists (including the beautiful Marina Prior) and a support cast of almost 800 Queensland school students.

This year has meant much practice time in preparing for this massive, record breaking, event.  Finally, last weekend the shows were held, audiences captivated and many parents super proud of their kids… including us!  The early mornings spent getting Master Z into Brisbane to practice and perform, and the collecting him afterwards, have had our family in a much quieter mode this week, as we recover from the crazy pace that was last week.

Of course, after painting his catsuit and wig (and adorning him with his stage make-up) I couldn't resist having Zane down in the studio for a little 'opening night shoot'.  Check him out in his Cats outfit.  One proud Mama here for sure.

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