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10 tips to make the most of your School Formal

25 January 2018

Year 12 comes around so quickly. It's the year when all that hard work finally comes together and you get to enjoy those final moments before entering the adult world.

For many, the thought of organising their school formal runs chills of excitement through their veins …. for others, it's a nightmare.

We've put together our list of things that will make your big day run smoothly…. feel free to pin this article to your Pinterest board for future reference. It could can in very handy.

Number 10:

Know where you are going. Planning your travel ahead of time can save you headaches on the big day, and leave you enough time to really enjoy all the magic leading up to your big arrival.

Happy Formal Day Tay!

Number 9:

If you don't have a date, go with your mates! This is a night to celebrate…. and sharing a ride can save you all loads of money. Imagine rocking up as a big group in a big statement car?


Number 8:

Pack spare shoes! This one is for the girls (unless any of you boys have a fetish for high heels too). This is a trick I wish I had learned years ago. Did you know that ballet jiffies fold up and fit in your hand bag? When those 'pretty' shoes wear out their welcome, simply slip them off and change them to a comfy pair of jiffies and you are ready to dance the night away.


Number 7:

Think about the size of your clutch purse. You want to make sure that you have enough room for the following: spare lipstick, mobile phone, cash card, a small comb and, of course, those jiffies we mentioned in number 8.

Number 6:

Pack Lipstick! So many young ladies forget to pack a spare lippy. You want to keep those gorgeous lips luscious all night, for all those candid snaps which will no doubt be happening.

Number 5:

Buy your dress or suit EARLY! By shopping around you can save loads of money on your outfit. Be sure to look out for Formal Shops having clearance sales and check out those high-end second hand stores too. You would be surprised what you might pick up. Having plenty of time helps you know EXACTLY what you are looking for and what it should cost … and it gives you enough time for having alterations done.

Number 4:

Take your dress or suit with you when you shop for accessories. You want to make sure that your outfit works together. Not all gold shades are the same … this goes for all colours.

Number 3:

Plan your hair, nails, shave, eyebrows, etc ahead of time. Be sure you book in somewhere you can have a trial (for the big things like hair) and choose a service provider who is going to make sure that your booking time is held for you. I cannot tell you how many young ladies I have seen late because other 'last minute' girls jumped the queue after they already had a booking. You want to make sure you have enough time to get ready and pose for all those gorgeous pics.


Number 2:

Choose and BOOK your PHOTOGRAPHER early! Formals fill all diaries very quickly and you want to be sure that you have the photographer of your choice booked. How frustrating would it be to find out that one of your school mates beat you to this? You can even book some photographers, like US, for a whole group. This saves you all money and gives you an excuse to get together for a little party before heading off in your big shared vehicle of choice. Be sure to book a photographer who is willing to give you all a group price and offer you AMAZING images to remember your special night!


…. and our Number 1 must do for your formal?

Have fun! Enjoy your moment. You have worked hard for this night and it is part of your right of passage. Pose for a photo every chance you get - these will be the one thing you have left long after your big night has ended. Cherish every moment!

…. and one last little tip:

Don't let a rainy day scare you! The right photographer will know where you can have location images while staying dry …. and getting that perfect look. It can be bucketing down if that's what Mother Nature insists upon…. but you need not let this worry you. Relax and enjoy what unfolds in a fun, sheltered location!

* The location images in this blog entry were taken at a Plan B location, due to a crazy downpour of rain.


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